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Miss Alien
Miss Alien
Erotische Kandidatinnen für eine intergalaktische Miss-Wahl.
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Ozzy - 29.06.10 00:51
Let's Go!
Ron (toonsUp Admin) - 28.01.10 13:24

and now as advertised in our latest newsletter:
The magazine is out and we are waiting for your order!
It looks awesome, has many new alien candidates, a poster and much more! You'll be surprised!
Ron (toonsUp Admin) - 29.07.09 08:49

we're happy to announce the date of the Miss Alien Exhibition!
The exhibition will open september, 18th (friday) at 7:00 pm. The location is still the c-base in Berlin (Rungestrasse 20, 10179 Berlin).
More infos in our newsletter soon!
Volkertoons - 29.06.09 03:30
Miss Alien Exhibition 

All drawings for our Miss Alien Contest will be exhibited in a very special location in Berlin: The C-Base! Some people say, this location somehow looks like a crashed space station in the center of Berlin. But in fact it IS a crashed space station that fell down from sky in ancient times. Before its crash, it made a time travel from the far future, on board advanced technology. Some special gifted people of our times try to rebuild it now, exploring the future technology for us all.

So this spacy location will be the right place for our intergalactic beauties to show what they have. Information about the start of the exhibition and the vernissage will follow soon.
Made (toonsUp Admin) - 18.06.09 22:12
Miss Alien Teamproject 

Join the team project

Miss Alien 2009

and draw your own candidate!

Everyone can submit its own lady to this comic. Just draw your figure
in a pinup pose. It should be in upright format and colored with your signature underneath. The background should be white or transparent.

A candidate is only approved if she
* is a female species
* looks somewhat humanoid (i.e. no space slugs)
* looks aesthetic and/or sexy for human(!) eyes
* is not x-rated (nipples are ok but not more!)

Send your work in high resolution (at least 300 dpi scan) to
I will paste your alien girl to the arena and add it to the next page of this team comic.
Please also quote the name of the planet your girl comes from in your email
and maby a short description (i.e. 'Miss Antauris from the planet of centaur lifeforms!').
I also need your toonsUp nickname (If you dont have an account just register!).

And this is the link to the actual project:


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